About Us

HD Landscape LLC provides full service landscape maintenance and snow removal services for commercial and multi tenant properties throughout the Front Range and Denver Metro area. HD Landscape also provides landscape enhancements, landscape renovations, irrigation repair and maintenance services for commercial properties and higher end residential clients.

The owners of HD Landscape are Jeane Clark and Hector Mendoza. Jeane and Hector each have over 20 years of landscape and management experience. Jeane and Hector have worked together in the landscape industry since 2005.

Jeane and Hector have an industry reputation of providing quality services and our focus will be to sharpen landscape maintenance standards to a higher definition. Landscape maintenance is considered to be a basic service required by commercial properties, however, the industry has differing degrees of quality of service. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide the higher quality landscape that commercial properties need to retain tenants and attract investors. As a small, locally owned and operated company, clients appreciate that their money is being reinvested within the community. As a small, locally owned and operated business, we have reached out and partnered with other local businesses to provide our support services. A number of our vendors are also local businesses and that is a good thing for everyone.




Jeane has over 20 years as a manager in the green industry. From her first day on site, she has committed to providing excellent project management and building lasting relationships with clients