Recycle Roof Rock

Why buy what you already own?

Smoldering hot, blistering roofs are always a tough job to do and re-do. As a business owner, it can be pretty noisy having construction being done to your building. Especially when it right above your head!

Recently while helping out one of our clients with their roofing project we noticed that the building material that we were taking off of the roof was just basic white rock. Well we got to looking around their property and noticed that their property too, needed some lovin’.

So after a brief conversation with our awesome clients we took all their still beautiful, white roof rock and hardscaped the surrounding medians with it. This worked out great for our client and it was great to recycle the white roof rock on the same property.

Do you have roof rock you are wanting to take off of your roof?
Contact us today to help you out and recycle it into your landscape. Recycling this basic white rock keeps your cost of landscape maintenance down while also keeping the rock out of the landfills. This helps keep our environment and local communities clean, green and free of un-used rock.